White Short Sleeve Tee

White Short Sleeve Tee

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Product Description

The Salient t-shirt made from high quality cotton feels silky smooth. The long line style with reinforced hem and neck ensure that wash after wash it retains the same shape. The stretch allows for more freedom of movement and which gives a fitted look that matches your body.
The Salient tee is simple. It's a t-shirt. But it's made from the highest quality cotton. It's also designed to give great shape around the chest and shoulders. Giving you a powerful stance. Long line and stretchy allows you to feel comfortable without it feeling like it's hugging round your stomach after you've had too much to eat. Yes it's a t-shirt, but it's our best t-shirt yet.

Product Details

  • Material: Cotton 97%/Elastane 3%
  • Colour: White
  • Sizing: Chest Measurement
38" 42" 44"