OCT 2017

Space Engineering and Fashion?

I work as a Space Mechanisms Design Engineer for telecommunication satellites and spacecraft. Having studied Aerospace Engineering at University I have developed a very analytical approach to the way in which things are designed and ensuring that no compromises are made.

When working in the Space Industry it is important that every single aspect of the product is considered at every level from the production to the end of life.

I have carried this way of thinking forward and have applied it to shirting. It is the methodology of engineering just applied in a different way. I am still solving problems and just like in designing for the Space industry I consider every aspect of the product with equal importance.

Sourcing of the fibre, production, working conditions and after life of the garment, have just as much of an importance to me as the cost of production does.

I didn’t choose the cheapest production method if, for example, the workforce were treated poorly. We haven’t chosen manufacturing in Asia for sale in Europe, just for cheaper production as this would have increased our carbon footprint.

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We haven’t chosen a fibre with petroleum based fibres (polyester) since the fibres have been proved to be found inside of fish. And the use of cotton is for generations gone by - our generation need to look for newer, more innovative fibres.


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